Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rising Sun 150th Anniversary Title Available From Historical Society

As a year filled with exciting events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rising Sun draws to a close, a new book about the event and the community’s past just came off the press. This commemorative volume, Rising Sun, MD 150th Anniversary, is loaded with informative articles that chronicle the town’s past and features stories about its people, businesses and organizations.

“In putting together this commemorative book, we have tried to bridge the gap between the Centennial Book time frame and the Sesquicentennial time frame,” Mayor Sandi Didra recalled an earlier title that was published in 1960. “We have also summarized much of the material from the first book.”

It was a large task to produce this attractive work. But for nearly a year writers and photographers have been reaching out to residents to gather information for the volume. Speaking of that challenge, Ed Belote, the publisher said: “. . . . A massive amount of human effort was invested in putting this book together and we have all become a part of Rising Sun history. Fifty years from now, when our children and grandchildren come together to create the 20t0h anniversary celebration book for Rising Sun, I hope they have as much fun doing it as we had.”

This attractively illustrated limited edition volume loaded with original local content is something we’ll keep proudly at hand in our library. The title retails for $20 (plus tax) is available from the Historical Society.

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