Thursday, June 7, 2007

Elkton Wedding Chapel Receives Marker

Wednesday a group gathered in downtown Elkton to unveil the county's newest roadside marker from the Maryland Historic Trust. Joining the owners of the Little Wedding Chapel, Bobby Ann and Frank Smith, were Dianne Broomell, who coordinated the project for Delegate Michael Smigiel's , Delegate Smigiel, Senator Pikin, and others. Diane read the following remarks at the unveiling:

"Today's event is the culmination of two years, one month, and one day of effort to preserve an era for which Elkton should be remembered. Applying for an historical marker with the Maryland Historical Trust can be a long, cumbersome process but it is well worth the effort.

After contacting Nancy Kurtz, the National Register Coordinator, she was surprised Elkton didn't already have a marker signifying this event and she encouraged us to send in the application.

The most involved process was the research in order to provide documentation showing how the Elkton Wedding Chapel Era impacted Cecil County from the 1920s to the 1950s. Just as tedious was drafting the proposed text for the marker because you are attempting to write a whole chapter in 55 words or less. At least three drafts were attempted which subtly resemble the final draft.

Since the Historic Little Wedding Chapel is the last one from this period, it's only appropriate that this would be the location for the marker. In fact, Bobby Ann and Frank have done a wonderful job in keeping this period alive and their chapel has been featured in National Geographic and the Baltimore Sun, usually on Valentine's Day.

Today is is very reward to see the final product and to know that this important time in Elkton's history will not be forgotten."

Remarks by Diane Broomell

Please enjoy our videocast of this event

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