Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Happend in the Library

The next time you walk into the Eva M. Muse library at the Historical Society, you are in for a big surprise, especially if you are a regular patron, for the reading room and the stack are undergoing some significant changes. It’s been 22 years since we established the basic footprint in those areas and while our collections have grown enormously since the mid-80s, the arrangements of those facilities have not. One of the charges we had for our collections manager, Eric, was to reorganize the facilities and museums to reflect the changes that have taken place in nearly a quarter of a century. Well this past week he jumped right into the task and with a small crew of volunteers (Sarah & Fernando) he’s been busy reorganizing, cleaning, painting, and building new shelves in order to make more efficient use of the room and provide better organized collection for patrons. He assures me that it'll be finished when we open Monday. Eric has been doing an outstanding job in providing professional care for the collection, and catching up with 75 years of collections management needs, along with the contributions that have accumulated since we were formed. As we’ve watched his plans unfold in other areas, its been great to see an organization with strong collections move ahead. Stop in soon and see how much better the library is with these changes.

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