Friday, September 28, 2007

Veterans Groups Continue Vauable Support to Society

Over the years Cecil County Veterans groups have been some of the strongest supporters of the Society and they have greatly helped advance our mission of being the keepers of the area’s heritage. These organizations funded projects to conserve fragile local newspapers, record memories of veterans from World War II, produce exhibits for the public, and much more. This year when we appealed to the veterans, the Rising Sun Legion Post 194; Elkton VFW Post 8175; VFW Post 8185, Port Deposit; American Legion Susquehanna Post 135, Perryville; and VFW Post 7687 Chesapeake City answered the call, donating $4,000 to the Society. For our largely volunteer group, which raises most of its money through volunteer efforts and does much to serve the community, this is an important donation. The money will be put to work improving the local collection. The County has some of the finest veterans groups in Maryland and we appreciate their continued service to the community and their support.


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